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Eat healthy, be nutrition wealthy.

Gold Mark Products is home to finely sourced natural, healthy, and nourishing cooking oils that are produced to help you and your family maintain good heart health while also enjoying the most delicious food. We are dedicated to provide products that are naturally sourced to maintain your cholesterol levels and help you receive essential nutrition and keep your immunity strong.


Our oils are sourced  from the best quality yellow mustard seeds grown and harvested in the gardens of Madhya Pradesh. The production of our oils does not involve the use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers to enhance the nutrients and quality of our products.

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A healthy choice

Gold Mark Products are processed with high quality raw material grown in the fertile lands of Madhya Pradesh without any use of harmful chemicals or fertilizers to ensure the production of the most healthy and nutritious cooking oils.



Nutrients Rich

Gold Marks Oils are infused with all the major essential nutrients to deliver a healthy and value rich experience. The cooking oils are infused with carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats that are essential for the maintenance of a balanced diet and healthy sustenance.

Maintains Cholestrol

High or uncontrolled cholestrol levels can cause minor to severe damage to the heart health of you and your family. Gold Marks Oils control and maintain healthy cholestrol levels to ensure good and strong heart health for a long and happy life.

Fights Body Infections

The cooking oils produced by Gold Marks help build immunity with essential nutrients in order to fight infections and keep illness and diseases like common flu, fever, cold and cough at bay for you and your family.

Delicious taste

Gold Mark products are not only healthy and high in essential nutrients, but they are also high in taste and help achieve high quality flavor in a variety of recipes and food items. Our aim is to make healthy diet delicious to make your family fall in love with good food.

Suits various cooking styles

Gold Mark Products are fit for a diverse range of cooking styles. From deep frying, to shallow frying, air frying and many more. Our cooking oils are tested and proven to deliver great quality in various cooking styles and cuisines making it a fit choice for all.

Enhances fitness

Fitness is another extremely important goal that one must chase today, no matter their age or cuisine. Gold Mark Products are processed to help consumers achieve their fitness goal easier by replacing unhealthy and bad-fat infused oil with healthy oil that adds to your fitness journey.

Vitamins Rich

Gold Marks Products are rich in significant vitamins that are essential for healthy growth of your body and immunity to help if fight of diseases and derive maximum benefits from your diet. The oil are also rich in antioxidants that help in maintaining infection free sustenance for all.

Why choose us
Transform your food. Transform yourself. Into something better.

Cooking oils produced by Gold Mark Products are prepared with state of the at technology and pure, unadulterated mustard seeds grown without any use of harmful chemicals or fertilizers. Our cooking oils are rich with immunity boosting nutrients, healthy vitamins, and many other benefits to help maintain a healthy and Cholestrol free life for you and your family.


We ensure high and uncompromised quality in the raw material as well as the final products by testing and approving at several steps to make sure only the best quality products reach your kitchen.


To ensure that our promise of healthy and nutritious cooking oil is kept, we conduct tests in our laboratories at various points throughout our production cycle, which aids in the elimination of any and all compromise


Gold Mark Products are manufactured from scratch under our own supervision. We ensure that our products are delivered to your kitchens with the highest possible quality sustenance and deliver the best results.

24/7 Support

Gold Marks prides in not only providing you and your family with the highest quality cooking oils but also in being available 24/7 to help you with your questions, queries and any other requirements regarding healthy cooking and lifestyle.


What they say

Sneha Gupta Housewife

Ever since we started using Gold Mark Mustard Oil, the test of the food has changed, the smell shows the quality.

Madhu Chndra Housewife

My and my family's first choice Gold Mark Mustard Oil

Poonam Pandey Housewife

When I ordered Gold Mark Yellow Mustard Oil from Amazon, I thought it would be similar to other brands. It's just different from all the food got a different taste